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Markets Update June 2015
Fiber Grades:
Domestic - OCC, ONP, and Mixed Paper
flat with Northeast high prices holding steady for the last few months.
Export Market – OCC, ONP, and Mixed Paper all up month/month/month. OCC upward trend for the last 3 months is the best we’ve seen in the last 2 ½ years. Prognosis is favorable for the next couple of months. Keep your fingers crossed!

Plastic Grades:
Virgin prices are increasing, but recycled will maintain flat for the summer due to oversupply, should start seeing increases in September.
HD Natural is increasing due to less supply. HD Color is decreasing slowly after peak demands in the springtime during piping season.
Mixed Rigids – China cracking down on quality – export market shaky. Domestic market flat but strong movement
#3-#7’sDecreasing price with some spot-market activity. Movement is difficult, but possible, at negative value.

Metal Grades:
Pricing has dropped $600 per ton in past couple of months. Mills are downgrading and rejecting at all-time highs. The influx of aluminum ingots (raw material) from China has given customers an affordable alternative to domestic supply. This new competition has put a spotlight on inbound quality, mill production cost and squeezed their margin.
TinApril/ May price dropped and now it’s coming back.

Glass percentages, processing, and disposal costs are at all-time highs.

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Shared Services Agreements: View sample Agreements - First Agreement is for a municipality that does not have a Certified Recycling Professional (CRP) and ONLY requires the services of a CRP to sign tonnage report. Second Agreement is for municipalities that are desirous of retaining the full or part services of CRP. The third is an Interlocal Services Agreement between South Brunswick and Rocky Hill.
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shared svcs agreement.doc

Recycling Coord Interlocal - Rocky Hill

Certified Recycling Professionals - Read the Revisions to the Recertification Process and Sources of Recertification Credits Click here

The Recycling Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1 et seq.) have been updated on the NJDEP website to reflect the 2012 Rules Adoption.
To read a courtesy copy of the regulations, Click here

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