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Bottle Bill (A2281) moves out of Committee - Read the April 4th article by Jared Paben of Resource Recycling.
We need to continue our opposition to this Bottle Bill. As we said in our email to members "The proposed bill would have serious consequences regarding two source of funding for our programs.
There is a concern that this bill intends to redistribute the Clean Communities funding and that towns and counties would no longer receive the level of funding that we have been getting historically for our litter pickup/enforcement/education programs.
There is a sunset provision in the Recycling Enhancement Act. With the current statutory and proposed bill language, the recycling tax will cease to be collected once a bottle bill is in effect. This means no more municipal recycling tonnage grants or County REA grants." Dom D'Altilio, President
EWaste Update: Senator Bob Smith's S-981 passed the Senate 30-6. Congratulations to all who have been lobbying the bill with your local legislators. So now we march on to the Assembly where that house's version of the bill, A-2375, is in the Appropriations Committee. We don't expect any action until May when the Legislature returns from its budget break. There shouldn't be a problem getting the Assembly committee to take up the bill since they reported it out last session and the committee vice chair is the bill's sponsor, Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer. Dom D'Altilio, President
No You Can’t Stop Recycling If It Gets Too Expensive – At the Swap and Share a question came up about a provision of the Recycling Act (N.J.S.A. 13:1E-99.11 et seq.) that would permit a town to stop recycling a designated recyclable material if the cost to recycling that material was more than the cost to transport and dispose of that material as Solid Waste.
THIS IS NOT THE CASE – there was language in the Original (1987) Recycling Act in the definition of “Market(s)” that spoke of this but the 1993 Amendments to the Law (P.L. 1993, c.109) removed that language.
2016 Recycling Partnership Grant Round Open: Up to $550,000 per community for carts - for additional information click on the following link: 2016 Access Grant
New Jersey WasteWise Business Network meeting will be on Thursday, May 5, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at the New Jersey Forensic Science Technology Center Auditorium located at 1200 Negron Drive, Hamilton, NJ 08691 Reminder: There is no fee charged to attend this meeting or any of our meetings!
Note: Those individuals who are NJ Certified Recycling Professionals will earn 2.5 recertification credits for attending this meeting! Click here for more
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Shared Services Agreements: View sample Agreements - First Agreement is for a municipality that does not have a Certified Recycling Professional (CRP) and ONLY requires the services of a CRP to sign tonnage report. Second Agreement is for municipalities that are desirous of retaining the full or part services of CRP. The third is an Interlocal Services Agreement between South Brunswick and Rocky Hill.
tonnage report only agreement.doc
shared svcs agreement.doc

Recycling Coord Interlocal - Rocky Hill

Certified Recycling Professionals - Read the Revisions to the Recertification Process and Sources of Recertification Credits Click here

The Recycling Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:26A-1 et seq.) have been updated on the NJDEP website to reflect the 2012 Rules Adoption.
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